dim sum

dardy, jen, leeya, paul and i went to eat dim sum at dynasty in campbell a few sundays ago. wow, i just realized that everyone who attended dim sum has blogs.

today was the first time that i’ve heard dardy speak chinese. for some reason in my head i always assumed that his chinese was not very good, but it sounded perfectly normal to me.

dim sum was good and it was good to catch up with some people that i haven’t caught up with in a while. i think that dim sum is a very social kind of meal. you can talk about what foods you like or dislike and all have a shared experience. i think part of what makes dim sum feel more social to me than other meals is that you are encouraged to talk about things you want and that spills over to other types of conversation.

one of the things i like about eating out is that it is more of a social experience. i think that if i only went to eat out just to eat then i wouldn’t really find the food as enjoyable. speaking of which, i’ve noticed lately that i tend to eat things that i can’t or don’t usually cook for myself. i usually don’t order things that i know how to cook, it just seems like normal home cooking.

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