cubicle reconfiguration

i just got a notice that the cubes in my row are going to be reconfigured. i don’t know what that means, but i’m fairly certain that means that my cube is going to get smaller. this makes me sad. i don’t want my cube to get smaller. i LIKE the fact that it’s huge. i need to spread out all of my stuff and make it look like i’m using more of it.



i don’t think that i am a very superstitious person. in fact, in the past, i’ve mocked those who believe in superstition. but lately, i have found that everything seems to have been picking up lately. the days seem sunnier, the birds seem to be singing happy songs, and life just doesn’t seem like the roller coaster that it once used to be.

with all of that, i think i’ve been reluctant to write about what my days have been looking like in fear that actually acknowledging how good things have been recently might tip the balance of things back.

but i’ve given up and i’m just going to say that where once things seemed gray and blue now it seems vibrant and alive again.

i’ve been trying to get back into taking pictures again. i haven’t had the opportunity to go and take any good pictures, so i think that i’m going to make it a point to try and do that soon.