lunching with dardy and rita

dardy, rita, and i had lunch at the spice islands on sunday in mountain view. this singapore/malayasian food restaurant is one that i’ve always liked since i first tried it a little while ago. dardy told me that he hated the place because the food was awful, so i was a little nervous in trying it out, but it had a few good reviews so i thought it might be cool to check it out.

what i didn’t know was that mountain view plays host to a farmer’s market just down the block from the restaurant so parking was a little tricky. the food was good and it was good to be able to catch up a little with rita and dardy.

afterwards we went to tea era to pick some some roasted barley milk tea. it is probably my favorite pearl tea in the area and i often try to get it when i’m in the area. it seems that i used to be in the mountain view area a lot a while ago but nowadays i am barely ever in that part of town. oh well…

it used to be that when i would go and eat at places i would always have a favorite of mine and i would end up eating the same thing over and over again. going to sushi sams? i’ll have a spider roll, hamachi, and maguro, please. going to miyake? i’ll have the chicken teriyaki, tempura, and california roll bento box, please. i just had my favorites and stuck to them.

recently, i am finding that i enjoy trying out new places and new dishes. while at the spice islands, there was the normal noodle dish that i think i’ve always gotten, but i decided to try something else for variety. it was pretty good. sometimes it’s good for us to break out of our comfort zones, you never know what you might find.

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