surfacing for a moment

i’m currently outside the pizza joint that i’m supposed to meet up with other people to pick teams for volleyball the next season. i am STILL in jury duty and we got out a little early today so i hopped over to work to tie a few loose ends and then i did some last minute christmas shopping. after the team selection is done, i plan to go back and do some more christmas shopping. i can’t believe that it is coming up so quickly and i have virtually none of my xmas shopping done yet.


oh yeah, and to top it all off, my server died…again.

so i’ve been busy trying to restore my web space (i don’t have ANY of my pictures up yet), but i’ve got the blog up and i’ve also got a few of the other blogs up and running. every day that i come home, i’m exhausted, but i try and whittle away at the restoring the server and getting some real work done. i haven’t spend more than 8 hours in the office in the last week and a half. ugh.

anyway, sorry for the lack of posts, as soon as this trial is over and i get some inet access during the day, i’ve got lots of stories to tell.

onto other unrelated tasks…

cindy has “tagged” me to share 5 little known truths about me. this, surely, won’t be easy.

1) i actually enjoy eating healthy. that is, if eating healthy doesn’t mean that i don’t have to eat anything that doesn’t taste good. in the spirit of eating healthier, i have been drinking diet coke instead of normal soda to cut down on empty calories. i also can’t remember the last time i ate donuts besides over this weekend where i polished off half a box of powdered donuts. but i mean, come on! it’s powdered donuts that we’re talking about, yo!

2) as much as i adore ice cream (i routinely have at least 5 cartons of ice cream in my freezer), i am lactose intolerant.

3) i am probably one of the most productive workers, ever. i just don’t like working, so if i have to work, i try and get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. do not go shopping with me if you like to browse at everything, i probably will be done with all of my shopping by the time you are done with one store.

4) the last time i took a picture was almost two weeks ago. it used to be that i couldn’t go a day without taking a picture.

5) i have a new domain name. no one knows it yet, nothing is there but a placeholder, but i’m seriously considering switching to something that it more pronounceable.

ok, there you go, cindy. i’ve blogged. merry christmas.