napoleon dynamite

i’ve been resisting the urge the watch napoleon dynamite because i thought that i would think that it is just lame, but i finally decided to watch it tonight.

i’m about 10 minutes into the movie and as suspected i think it is TOTALLY lame. i really tried to give it a chance, but it’s just stupid humor. the movie is slow and as many rave reviews as it gets, i think that this is one part of pop culture that i can do without. i wonder if this is a sign that i’m not part of the “in” crowd anymore. oh, who am i kidding, i never was “in”. =P

don’t fight with me

one of the things that i’ve always known but never put much thought into is that i really don’t like to fight if i’m in a relationship. i don’t like conflict. when i’m dating someone it will bring me great amounts of distress if i find that we fight often.

it boggles my mind how couples can stand to be together if they are constantly bickering or arguing about something or another. i have always thought that a relationship is always supposed to have a happy dynamic, so when i hear about how other couples can constantly bicker about things, it makes me wonder how healthy it really is. maybe i’m being a little idealistic here, but i think that’s how you should be when you are thinking about spending the rest of your life with someone.

blackened salmon

i made blackened salmon last night. i wasn’t originally planning on making blackened salmon, but i walked away from the stove for a little bit and when i came back i doused the salmon with some oil to salvage what seemed to be a disaster in the works.

the blackened salmon didn’t look very appetizing but it turned out to be quite tasty. i’ve been making many more dishes without recipes so i don’t know what exactly to call them. i’m going to call this dish my blackened cajun salmon meal. the next time i make it, i think i’ll call it my oops! i did it again salmon.

ladder 49

i just watched ladder 49 and it completely surprised me…in a bad way. this movie was not at all what i had expected it to be. instead of an action movie where we see firefighters, well, fight fires, it was a rather sobering and sad movie about the hazards of fire fighting. the families left behind, the dangers that are inherent in the job, and the ultimate loss of life for a character that the movie spent the whole time endearing us to is just too much for me.

i really disliked this movie. i really need to start watching some good movies, i’ve watched a few bad ones lately…