an upcoming visit

a certain ex of mine has recently informed me that she will be coming back into town.  she had asked me if i would be interested in meeting up with her and some of our mutual friends for dinner.

it is not terribly uncommon for me to stay in touch with my exes.  i wouldn’t say that i share terribly close relationships with any of my exes at present, but i would say that i share pretty amicable relationships with most.

this one in particular is married to someone who absolutely hates me, though we’ve never met.  i think it’s more of an insecurity thing.  anyhow, whenever he is in town with her, she refuses to meet up (i encourage her to bring him along) for a cup of coffee or something.

it just so happens that she’ll be in town without him this time around and so it’ll be OK if we meet.  i think i’m going to pull a jenny and tell her that it’ll be cooler if we don’t meet up.  just think about how cool it’ll be to be able to say that we haven’t seen each other for X years!  i don’t appreciate feeling like a friend of convenience.


i went to frys to return something yesterday during the lunch hour and the line was so long that they had to turn off the automatic doors so that it won’t close on people in line.

while i was looking at how long the line was, i noticed that there were two other people returning the same brand hard drive as me.  i wonder if that is a testament to the quality of seagate hard drives or not…

i use IBM or Maxtor drives pretty much exclusively these days.  i haven’t had bad luck like some people have with the ibm desktar (deathstars), but i have had a few western digital drives die on me in the past.  i have a few hard drives lying around so i decided to buy a few external hard drive enclosures yesterday.  i hope that i can put them to good use.

battle begins

last night i had decided to make homemade sushi and invite a few people other to indulge in the sushi dinner.  we had yellowtail, tuna, salmon, bbq eel, tamago, shrimp, and cucumbers at our disposal to make any roll we wanted.  i decided to make 12 eggs worth of tamago this time around, doubling the usual number, only to see that it would still completely disappear by meal’s end.

dinner was good and it was a long time since i last ate sushi at home.  i keep forgetting how much i like it and how inexpensive it is compared to going out to some sushi bar somewhere.  i think dinner totalled somewhere in the $40 range to stuff 4 people into a food coma-induced state.

but the real battle began after dinner.  there i stood with my nemesis before me.  both of us knew what was to come.  neither of us were ready to relent.

they had already beaten one rival just prior to my arrival and they were ready to take on the next challenge.  though my opponent didn’t look terribly formidable, appearances can be quite deceiving.

finally our battle was to begin.  both of us, poised, ready to pounce stared at each other long and hard.  neither of us would relent.  neither of us make the first move.

then our bodies met, i had the neck between my legs, holding on for dear life.  i twisted and pulled at the long neck, it was all i could see.  the face, already obscured by some other body part i wasn’t aware of anymore.  i tightened my grasp, pulled, tugged, and grunted.

my first pass was unsucessful, but i did not let that keep me down.  i took another stab.  again i had locked the neck between my legs, but this time as i pulled my grasp suddenly seemed to give and suddenly there was a pop!

finally it was over.

i got that bottle of wine opened.  the rubber cork was a lot harder to pull out than i expected.