what wonderful timing

it was a struggle this morning to lug myself out of bed.  it seemed to defy reason why anyone would want to leave the the warm and comforting comforter that lay on top of me.  i mean, that’s why they call it “comforters”, right?  it’s supposed to keep you comfortable.  why would you want to leave that?

but alas, some guilt about going into work made me get out and be good.  so i got up and got ready to go to work.  i remembered that i had to interview someone this morning, so i was walking into the office preparing myself to interview.

what i was not expecting was to be rushed by a bunch of people asking me if i wanted to start the interview because my boss was having some car troubles.  so i started the interview as soon as i walked in, unprepared.  oops.  oh well, i’ve interviewed enough people so it was fine.

i guess it was a good thing that i dragged myself out of bed this morning.

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