being a ref

for all of my volleyball nights we have to ref games when we aren’t playing. there are three types of refs for a volleyball game: an up ref, a down ref, and a line ref. most people like to be a line ref because there is little that you have to do except call whether balls are inside or outside of the court.

i generally find that i have to up ref games because the people on my team do not enjoy or do not want to do it because they feel it is stressful. yesterday, i was a line ref and i found that job to be more stressful than being an up ref because you really have to pay attention to where the ball lands. sometimes the ball is coming at you really fast.

and people on both teams are staring at you for your call which really adds to the pressure. i think that i might enjoy being an up ref more than being a line ref. a down ref is kind of boring, i figure if you are going to get stuck doing ref duties, you might as well be an up ref.

but don’t tell me teammates that. i want them to ref so i can just sit around and watch the games.