new business card

so i finally got business cards for my company.  when asked what title i wanted, i told them that i wanted “Really Cool Guy…really” for my job title.  that was rejected.  i then asked for “Sort of Cool Guy”.  they didn’t want to give me that, either.  i told them that if i couldn’t get those, then i didn’t really care what i got.

i ended up with “Lead Developer, Operations”.  I don’t know what that means, but i think my titles were cooler.

a very long weekend

my weekend started at 4:45AM on saturday morning. this weekend, i volunteered for the relay. it is a 12 person team that takes turns running from calistoga to santa cruz. there were two vans that held six people each. 6 total van exchanges. 199 miles.

luckily, i didn’t have to run it. each team is supposed to supply two volunteers, so i helped team “hey cow” volunteer for a five hour shift…at 8:30AM…in calistoga.

after the volunteering shift, i was then responsible for driving the van the rest of the way.  it was an exhausting, but fun weekend.  pictures to come soon.