before the robots

i’ve always been a better than ezra fan, but i totally missed the boat when it came to their before the robots album.  i’m giving it a listen right now and i really like it.

it’s been a while since i’ve listened to music at work.  i think that it has really helped my productivity.  i’ve gotten a good chunk of work done today.

now the only thing i need to do is start working on my taxes.  eeek, it’s already the 13th.  i guess i’ll do it after vball tonight.  my ankle’s been giving me some problems, so i think that i may take it easy tonight.

i had lunch with my vball captain, john today.  we went to maru ichi in milpitas.  it was kind of nice to hang out with someone at lunch.  i think that i’m going to have to find some more people to eat lunch with.  i even got pearl tea after lunch.  mmmm, my day is looking good.

One thought on “before the robots”

  1. what? you found someone esle? so soon? you forgot about me already? what we had before didn’t mean anything to you? the time we spent with each other means nothing? the places that we went. the food that we ate. =(

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