best indian buffet ever

i just had the best indian buffet ever. i was on the way to the bank today to get a money order and i spotted an indian restaurant. i usually don’t like to eat at sit down places for lunch by myself, but i haven’t had indian food for a while so i decided that i’d suck it up and eat by myself there.

i’m glad i did because it was the best indian buffet i’ve ever had. i don’t know if it is because i haven’t eaten indian food in a while, but it was amazing. i think that i’ll go there again soon.

shagun indian cuisine
50 skyport drive suite 50 (at N. First Street)
san jose, ca 95110

3 thoughts on “best indian buffet ever”

  1. let me know next time you go there. sneha (or grand indian buffet) is getting old, and i’m looking for new places to try indian food. also, do they serve dinner buffets as well?

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