jen is a loser

in response to jen’s latest blog, i just wanted to clarify that she sold diana AND my birthday gift to her.

to make things worse, she’s now blaming me for telling her friend that the gift that she and i had given her is now being sold away. she’s blaming me because i had found out that she was hiding this truth from us.

so in response to jen’s claim that i’m a dumb butt, i’m gonna respond in kind and say that she is a loser.

6 thoughts on “jen is a loser”

  1. haha, and jen thought she can sell it all discreetly. when i “confronted” her, she was like “how did you know?’
    in any case, i guess i can accept the fact that she has outgrown our gifts. i say we just don’t give her any more presents from now on.

  2. we should force her to disclose all the things she is selling. i wonder how many other people’s gifts she is getting rid of?

  3. she is selling her dance dance revolution games and equipment as well as her karaoke revolution games. they aren’t useless! but i second diana’s idea about never getting her any more gifts.

  4. WHOA. If she sells the karaoke stuff, how’re you gonna sing “Toxic” when I get up there in June?! Diana promised me that she’d arrange for your performance!

  5. Not to butt in with a contrary opinion or anything, but I say selling off media birthday presents is kosher. If it were a movie DVD or music CD that carries a lot of specific emotional context, then that would be pretty shitty, but I say video games are fair game.

    I mean think about it: if it’s a game for a totally outdated system — which all systems become at some point — at best, it’s going to end up in a dusty corner of the garage anyway.

    All that said, if the game is generally worked into communal party activity, then selling it off is not merely inconsiderate but borderline treasonous.

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