the right way to eat bad food

ever since my lunch buddy left me, i’ve been eating really bad food.  mcdonalds, togos, and the like are all staples of my diet.  today was no different, i went to go eat at mr. chau’s.

for those of you who aren’t familiar with mr. chau’s, it is a fast food chinese restaurant with food pre-made and waiting for you to eat it.

here are a few guidelines when eating at a place like mr. chau’s:

  1. only frequent such a place during the peak lunch hours.  this will ensure that you have the freshest food made with the high turnover.  there is nothing worse than cold bad chinese food.
  2. avoid the fried food.  i know it might SEEM like it tastes good, but the oil that they fry the food in is nasty.  trust me, it might taste good the first few bites, but you’ll regret it later.  try their stir fry or the vegetables, they actually aren’t that bad.
  3. eat only enough to make yourself full, do not overeat.  eating too much bad food is just asking for punishment.

i had the black pepper chicken and some stir fry vegetables.  it was pretty decent.

a small dose

that’s all we get for the show how i met your mother.  one episode and another break for a while.  what a bummer.  i am really enjoying this show, but the 30 minute episodes are just too short.

now what is going to happen?  are ted and robin going to be able to make ammends?  will ted eve get robin?

in this week’s episode, ted (who is currently dating a girl) finds out that robin (a girl who he has been crushing after) is interested in him.  he immediately wants to pursue things with her, but the dilemma is that he still has a girlfriend.  he lies to robin about breaking up with the girlfriend and they start to make out.  but then it is revealed that he is still dating her and robin gets pissed and ted leaves.

robin is the love of ted’s life.  he knows it and he just blew it with her.  i’m sure that we have all had a robin in our life.  the one that we never thought we could have a chance with, but then something happens and your window of opportunity opens.

i can’t wait for the next episode.

new business card

so i finally got business cards for my company.  when asked what title i wanted, i told them that i wanted “Really Cool Guy…really” for my job title.  that was rejected.  i then asked for “Sort of Cool Guy”.  they didn’t want to give me that, either.  i told them that if i couldn’t get those, then i didn’t really care what i got.

i ended up with “Lead Developer, Operations”.  I don’t know what that means, but i think my titles were cooler.

a very long weekend

my weekend started at 4:45AM on saturday morning. this weekend, i volunteered for the relay. it is a 12 person team that takes turns running from calistoga to santa cruz. there were two vans that held six people each. 6 total van exchanges. 199 miles.

luckily, i didn’t have to run it. each team is supposed to supply two volunteers, so i helped team “hey cow” volunteer for a five hour shift…at 8:30AM…in calistoga.

after the volunteering shift, i was then responsible for driving the van the rest of the way.  it was an exhausting, but fun weekend.  pictures to come soon.


last night, jen and i did some cleaning.  we went through the bookshelves to see if there was anything that we could toss.  i told jen that she needs to go through her old computers and throw them away.  she’s been storing three of them in the apartment for years.  apparently there is some sensitive data on them so i told her to fish out the hard drives from the cases.  that proved to be more difficult than she thought.

now that the drives are out, i’m using eraser for the first time to securely erase the data.  it’s taking much longer than i would have expected to erase data.

warren’s visit

warren’s in town and so a bunch of us got together to hang out.  everyone went to dinner, but i couldn’t make it.  i did, however, go play poker afterwards.  josh, warren, jason, amy, jen and i played poker at jason’s place.  jen originally wasn’t going to stay and play, but the guys convinced her.  it’s a good thing for her, too, because she ended up in the black.

poker was fun and we ended close to 1AM.  i’m tired now, but i’m also $7 richer.  woo.  =P

shabu shabu

dardy, christi, and i went to shabu shabu to check out the new restaurant in mountain view. it is one of the only places that i know of that has authentic japanese shabu shabu.

the food was pretty good and while we were eating, we watched the last few minutes of the women’s NCAA game. it was a good game, but i can never get into women’s basketball. i think that they should lower the rims so that women can dunk. that would be cool.

it was good to head out to mountain view and we actually bumped into a couple of people that we knew while we were out there. i guess the bay area is really rather small and it was inevitable that we would run into people that we knew.

we actually ran into kei, one of christi’s vball teammates and he sat next to us while we ate dinner too. i haven’t had shabu shabu in a long time and it was nice and refreshing to eat it. reminded me of home.

if you are ever on castro street in mountain view, check it out. if you like beef, you’ll like this place.

lunch loser

it’s lunch time again and as lunch rolls around a familiar feeling comes over me.  i’m torn between going out and getting some real food or dashing out and picking up some fast food.  you see, lunch has become quite a different experience for me recently.

it used to be that i had a lunch buddy and this lunch buddy of mine would go out and eat lunch with me.  seems like a pretty simple concept, no?  even though we didn’t go eat lunch every day, i’d still at least have the option of turning her down and sitting in my cube working away.

now all i have left is sitting in my little cube with no one to turn down.  it’s a bummer.

i’m beginning to tire of fast food, though, so i think that i may end up eating some real food alone.  i wish that i had at least brought a book with me or something.  i always see people eating lunch by themselves reading a book or the newspaper or something and they look so content.