video on the ipod nano

so i’ve read about how you can get video on the ipod nanos (the old ones, not sure about the new ones that were just released) and so i thought it would be SO COOL if i could do that. so i went and installed iPod Linux on my nano and started to re-encode movies to fit the size of the screen on the nano. oh yeah, by the way, it can only do uncompressed video…well, it can’t be THAT big, i mean, the screen size is only like 176×132…that’s tiny! or so i thought.

no one told me that a 30 minute sitcom will end up being 1GB big. that’s TOTALLY not worth it for me anymore to reencode videos for the nano, regardless of how cool it is.

what really pisses me off about this whole thing is that i JUST REMEMBERED that i have an epson p-2000 image tank that can playback video. it has a larger screen, larger hard drive, AND supposedly does DiVX playback too.

sheesh, and here i was wasting time trying to get it to work on my little ipod nano…

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