carl’s jr. loaded burrito

i was hungry on the way to work so i decided to stop by carl’s jr. and pick up a loaded breakfast burrito. it was more substantial than the taco bell breakfast burritos back when they still had them and it was quite tasty. this may become a more regular breakfast item for me when i’m hungry. i’m not a big breakfast person, but this was a good treat.

2 thoughts on “carl’s jr. loaded burrito”

  1. i’m actually a fan of mcdonald’s breakfast burrito. do you like them? they’re probably not as “substantial” as carl’s, but they’re mighty tasty too. especially with picante sauce (that is a must!) :p

  2. I agree , the loaded burrito from Carl’s pops with flavor . The breakfast burger is over the top as well. Mickeyds version is pale in comparison to either selection. It’s the fresh salsa mingling with the taste of bacon and egg in Carl’s burritos. The breakfast burger is a derivation of a roach coach version , the double egg and cheese on a french roll with burger pattie and bacon ………try that sometime . Bon Apetite

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