moving around

i helped john move some stuff around at his new place yesterday. he bought this ENORMOUS wine cellar off some guy at ebay and we had the wonderful task of moving it from this guy’s place to john’s place. when i saw the wine cellar, i thought it was going to be so heavy that we weren’t going to be able to move it anywhere. i think it holds something like 168 bottles of wine. craziness, i tell you.

i still have a lot of stuff at the house to move around, but i’ve started the painful task of hanging all of my clothes. i think that i need to buy more hangers. christi made me throw away my wire hangers. she doesn’t like them, but i think that they are just fine.

i actually didn’t throw the hangers away. i just put them away in the give-for-free pile. speaking of which, i have a lot of stuff that i want to sell or give away. i guess i should hurry and put that stuff on craigslist so that it doesn’t keep the garbage packed.