theatre or theater?

i don’t know what happened, but i’ve been spelling “theater” as “theatre” lately. i used to spell it in the former, but now the latter is the only way that looks right to me. what is going on? it must be all of the Grease: You’re the One That I Want UK version that i’ve been watching.

dark angel

summer is here and with that means really bad TV. really, really bad tv. it’s tragic. it’s almost like the networks are telling you to go enjoy the sun and don’t be in front of the tv or something. that’s just how bad it is. i have been recording, but not watching, hidden palms. it’s by kevin williamson (of dawson’s creek fame…well, how about of scream fame?) and i really want to watch it, but i don’t know if i’m really ready for another teen drama.

in the meanwhile, i’ve been trying to get seasons 1 and 2 or dark angel. i remember really liking the show when it was on the air. actually, i remember really liking the first season. the second season not so much. it’s a much younger jessica alba playing the role of max.

i’ve been watching more DVDs lately to supplement the lack of good tv shows. it’s a tough life. =P