i watched transformers last night and going into it, i figured that the movie was going to be just ok. there were mixed reviews of the movie and, really, this project is such an ambitious project that there are so many ways that it could just go wrong. i was fearing that it would go wrong. i was afraid that michael bay would not only ruin my most fond childhood memories, but that he would make such an incredible flop of a movie that no one would dare to try and make right with it later.

let me just say that transformers was probably one of the best movies i’ve seen all year. after watching some disappointing movies this year both on DVD and in the theatre, it is a welcome relief to see that transformers was able to not only welcome the summer box office, but blow it away.

yes, yes, there are some plot holes. yeah, sure, there are some pretty cheesy lines. what saved some of the cheesiest lines in the movies is that right after they spit it out, the characters make self-deprecating comments about what they said. i love that the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously in that way.

so, if you weren’t a transformers fan back in the 80s, would you still like this movie? you might not get all of the references or cheers in the movie when certain characters show up, but they do a good enough job to give you background information that i think even a non-fan would enjoy the movie.

i give the movie a 5 pearl tea rating. go watch it!