the little things

it’s the little things that are life’s greatest joys and also life’s easiest things to take for granted. today’s little thing for me was being able to pop home to make and eat lunch at home and then go back into the office. the little break from the office and going home really changes the dynamic of your day. on one hand, it’s a nice break because you get to watch a little tv and just kind of relax in the comfort of your own home.

OMG. to be able to watch a little tv. in the middle of the day. is the greatest thing, ever. even if there’s no tv to watch. i don’t know why it feels so refreshing, but it is. i’m going to try to make lunch at home more often. this means, of course, that i need to keep my refrigerator stocked with some food. this, goes against my very being. tough times, huh?

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