eventful and friendly weekend

this weekend i was told that i need to make myself scarce. christi was having her bridesmaids luncheon and her bachelorette party so i decided that i was going to go out and have some fun. on saturday i went to san francisco for a long overdue visit to see jenny. i checked out her new digs in the city and let me just say that she is living in style!

we had lunch at the ferry building marketplace along the bay. she said we could just walk over there, so i figured it would be a short walk, but no! silly me, i had forgotten that this was my friend jenny, former new yorker, who LIKES to walk.


so instead, what we did was walk. and we did walk…for 1.3 miles! that’s crazy! i don’t think that i’ve walked that much since…i was in new york with her! but it was fun and the weather was absolutely stunning. we caught up with what’s been going on with each other’s lives and waxed philosophy about all sorts of things, some serious, some not quite so much. it was great to catch up with her.

after that, i met up with geoff and checked out HIS new digs. he and pak bought a place in daly city. it is amazing how foggy and cold it can get in daly city when it is still warm and sunny in san francisco. geoff and i were able to catch up on some good times. we had dinner at banana island, this little hidden away malaysian restaurant. geoff called it a filipino restaurant, but i don’t think that i saw a single filipino dish there. i was a little nervous about going there because i haven’t been a huge filipino restaurant fan in the past, but was open to try it out. still, the food was good, i especially liked the roti canal that i ordered there.

after a long day out and about, i came home and rested up.

sunday came and while christi was having her bridesmaid luncheon, she threw a purse making party. basically, everyone gets together to design their own purses. they pick fabrics and designs and a purse gets handmade for them. while christi and friends were doing that, thanh and i met up and had lunch at darda. i love the sesame bread there. our lunch got interrupted short and i had to go pick up my mom to take her to the purse party.

all in all, it was a long, but fun weekend and i was able to catch up with people so it was all good.

6 thoughts on “eventful and friendly weekend”

  1. A purse party? I’d never heard of that. Do the girls have to make their own purses, or just design them and someone in a sweat shop in China will mail them their purses in 2-3 weeks? That sounds cool. Can they pick from materials like naugahyde, pleather and faux fur?

    Some years ago, I went up north to visit Diana, and Greg and I ran from Embarcadero/clock tower (where Diana ran into you on her rollerblades and stayed put with you) all the way to the bridge, then turned around and ran back. That was about 14 miles. I think you were there to watch the Blue Angels airshow. Remember? Of course we (you and I) wouldn’t meet until years later.

  2. yeah, basically, you design it, they send it to somebody (they say professional seamstresses in chicago, but we all know that it’s probably some kind of child labor sweat shop) and in a few weeks you get your custom designed purse. pretty cool, really.

    i do remember bumping into diana at the embarcadero. we had only missed each other by a sliver!

  3. hahaha! sometimes i forget i’m not in nyc anymore… and more often than that, i forget that californians don’t like to walk that much. next time, we’ll rent a couple of segways and zoom around the city. 😉

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