LCD mounted finally!

i had been a little lazy and nervous about mounting the LCD in the office, but finally got around to doing it last night. the first time i drilled into the wall into a stud found by the edge to edge stud finder that i borrowed from paul i drilled through the wall, but instead of drilling through the stud, i hit nothing!

i looked again and realized that i think the stud finder actually probably found the cable tv wires instead of a stud. so i looked again for more studs and finally was able to mount the LCD to the wall. i used my power drill/screwdriver to pre-drill some starter holes and then to screw in the base plate. what i really needed was a socket wrench, but i didn’t have one handy, so i used the power screwdriver until it couldn’t drive the screw in anymore (stupid 12V power drill, should have gotten the 16V!) and then painfully hand tightened it the rest of the way.

but it’s all mounted. i just need to set up the sound system and then we’ll be in business!

volleyball tournament weekend

this weekend was also the annual queens tournament. traditionally, there are many, many more men who show up than women, so to even out the numbers, guys have the option to wear bikini tops and play as a woman. i have played as a woman for the last two years and was ready to finally play as a man.

initially diana and i were paired up, but there was a twist in the partners this year. this year, girls had the option to steal someone else’s partner away, similar to that of a white elephant gift exchange. there actually weren’t that many trades that happened, but i was involved in one of them. so diana didn’t end up trading me (much to my surprise) but instead someone else stole me away from diana. my partner for the day has played with me once before and wanted to play with me because i was someone she knew.

we played the day out and went 6-2, the last two games i think we were just too drained to play well and ended up losing. we made it to playoffs and ended up taking second place for the day. all in all a good day and fun. i didn’t get too sunburned, just a little pink, so that’s good too.

the only tradition that i wished would not continue was diana blocking me at the net. not only did she block me, but everyone on our court gasped and cheered for her interrupting play on the other two courts who looked over to see what the commotion was all about. i had to yell at the other courts to mind their own business and keep playing, but it didn’t seem to stop the many, many people who came up to me afterwards to ask me how i was doing because they had heard that i got stuffed by diana.