a letter to fujifilm

dear fujifilm,

hi, it’s me, mike. i know that i’ve only recently become a customer of yours with the purchase of the fujifilm finepix f31fd camera. i’m not writing because i’m upset that you just announced an upgrade to this fine camera RIGHT after i bought it. that’s upsetting a little bit, yes, but i’m willing to overlook that.

what i am writing about is your insistence to continue to use your proprietary xD-Picture Card memory. nobody but you and your friend olympus use the format anymore. it’s a dying format! let it die! yes, yes, i know you spent a lot of research dollars into the format and you don’t want to see it go away, but come on! it’s time to accept the fact that SD memory won that memory battle war between you two. suck it up, accept it, and move on. just because you make people call it xD and you have the funky lower-uppercase designation isn’t going to make it any cooler. marketing will only take you so far…

the thing that bothers me most about xD is that it costs more than SD and the cards are limited to 2GB. 2GB?!?! who uses only 2GB of data these days?! heh, ok, it’s a lot of pictures on my camera, but still!

please, please, let the format die. use SD. or better yet, use CF! just please stop using xD. i had to buy an xD=>CF adapter so that i can use my image tank with the memory. i’m going to send you the bill.

your customer (the customer is always right, right?),