arcade research

so i’ve got the software working on the mame arcade, though i need to find a better front end to launch the arcade games. i’ve decided that a 27″ TV is just too big for an arcade and i’m going to scale down to a 24″ TV. i’m going to build a scale model of the arcade and see how i like the design that i currently have. i suspect that the control panel that i have plans for is actually bigger than i want, but i can’t really visualize it well.

i think this also means that i need to go to an arcade and take some measurements to see what is in the arcades and see how that compares to what i have planned. i think that i am going to make a slightly larger than average control panel so that it can accomodate a roller as well as two joysticks, but we’ll see how that goes.

now…i just need to not look suspicious when i go to an arcade with a measuring tape.

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  1. i’ve seen the pre-built x-arcade joystick panels, but i figure if i’m going to build an arcade cabinet from scratch, i’m going to go all the way and build everything from scratch. i’m pretty sure i’ve found a distributor of authentic arcade buttons. the one thing i don’t like about x-arcade buttons are that they are all black. i’m not sure if i’m going to use 6 different colors for each button, but i definitely want more than just one color. i need to go visit an arcade to see what kind of button color configurations are best.

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