fantasy football, anyone?

it’s football season again and here i am making my plea to see if anyone wants to play in a fantasy football league with me. i’m already in my work pool, but i like to play in two leagues. so, if you want to play in a fantasy league with me, send me an email and let me know. if we get enough people, i’ll set up a league!

built a scale model

i made a 1:30 scale model of the arcade cabinet last night. i was a little concerned about how big the control panel is and after making the cabinet, i’ve decided that the control panel is too large. i also want to build a drawer into the cabinet, so i think that i’m going to modify the plans just a little bit. but i think i have a pretty good idea of how everything is going to work out.

i also borrowed a circular saw and jigsaw from my parents (though they don’t know that i did, heh) and i think that i have pretty much all the tools that i need to build the arcade. i’m almost ready to start buying parts. one quick trip to the arcade for a few measurements and i think i’ll be all set!