ebay flash triggers

i purchased a set of ebay RF flash triggers and they came in the mail last week. i gave them a test run over the weekend and they work fabulously. i have read about people who have complained about them misfiring, but so far i haven’t had any misfire issues. they say that particularly with the canon 580EX, there are misfiring issues. i don’t have a 580EX, but i’ll borrow paul’s later to see if that really is the case.

what i didn’t gather from the pictures of these units is just how small they really are. they are tiny! the only thing that i’m not fond of is that they don’t have a tightening latch on the hot shoe, so i can’t secure them to my umbrella mounts. there must be some kind of part somewhere in the world that will solve this issue for me, but i haven’t looked into it yet.

the triggers work as advertised, though, i haven’t tested range or how well they work around corners yet. i am hoping to bring with me the triggers and a flash with me to hawaii, so i’ll be sure to post some pictures of how that all turns out. i really hope that the super clamps that i ordered come in soon. i also plan to get some ball bungees from walmart. i’ve never seen them, so i don’t know where they would be, but we’ll see!

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