new microwave installed

the microwave that came with the house was an over the range microwave complete with an exhaust fan. it was the original microwave that comes with the house, aged about 9 years. it just stopped heating things one day and so the hunt for a new microwave began.

since we got a stainless steel refrigerator, we decided to get a stainless steel microwave. let me tell ya, the exact same microwave that comes in white or black will cost you an additional $50-100 just because it has a stainless steel front. ugh.

so now our kitchen looks like it is slowly morphing from a white appliance kitchen to stainless steel. the stove and oven are probably next on my list of things to replace. i wonder if i can replace them myself. it looks kind of hard. i would love to replace our stove, though. that sort of sounds expensive.

installing the microwave was no small feat. i was hoping that all GE microwaves used the same mounting plate, but when i removed the old microwave and tried to install the new microwave, i realized that the mounting plate was different with different holes.

our back splash is made out of tile so drilling new holes through tile without the proper tools can be quite difficult. as it turned out, i didn’t have the right tools. a trip to home depot later, i had the right drill bit and made the new holes. the rest of the install was pretty easy and we now have a new, working microwave complete with rotating tray! it’s very exciting because our old microwave didn’t have one. it’s like we’re in modern times or something!

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