veggie lasagna

it used to be that costco’s veggie lasagna was pretty good. i just bought some over the weekend (shocking, i know), but i’ve had it before and it has been pretty good in the past. it doesn’t even really taste like veggie lasagna.

but this time, the veggie lasagna that i got tasted like vegetables! it was awful. i ate two pieces of lasagna, but i’m not sure if i can finish the rest. and now that i think about it, i think it’s a different brand of veggie lasagna. it makes me wonder if the old brand was meat flavored, but made of veggies… hmmmm…

pushing daisies

my #1 favorite new show of the season? far and away the best show is pushing daisies. whimsical, quirky, surreal, and cute all wrapped into one television show. it’s a murder mystery show at its core, but with such imaginative execution that you can’t help but be awed by the lush imagery and fantastic acting. the writing is magnificent, it makes you wonder if they can really keep up this level of grandeur. fairy tale in its display, the show is about a pie maker who has the ability to bring people back to life by touching them. touch them again and they die forever. if he doesn’t return them back to their dead state within a minute of touching them, someone else will die in their place. novel concept, great execution.

if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

everyone else was doing it…

so i just had to start stacking rocks on the beach because i saw so many other rock stacks there. i didn’t get very far when i was called away to take a picture, so it isn’t as impressive as it could it. i think that with more practice i could stack more interesting rocks, but oh well.

i’m trying to remember where in the bay area i saw all of the cool rock stacks on some beach… it was so long ago…

it seems to be raining on my watercolor painting

rain. lots of it last night. i guess summer really is over. the days have been getting colder and i can feel that the nights are starting to get that little bite of bitterness. it does seem that winter is coming upon us.

as such, i decided last night that i was going to finally replace all of the light bulbs in the house with energy efficient bulbs. our kitchen is so much brighter now that all of the broken bulbs have been replaced and these new bulbs are BRIGHT. it’s actually a little too bright for my tastes.

every day i am trying to fix something around the house. the other day i fixed our shower. the shower was leaking just a little bit. it was kind of annoying to hear the little drip, drip, drip go all night long. i finally took apart the knob to see why it just kept leaking. it turns out that the knob just needed to be realigned a little and now no sleepless nights. it’s been nice actually.

yesterday, after replacing all of the bulbs in the house, i decided to give our kitchen floor a good cleaning. our kitchen tile suffers from getting oily after cooking with oil and the spatter goes all over the place. what’s worse is that the oil sort of just starts to spread everywhere on the tile. you can’t see it, but you can feel it…

so anyway, i gave the kitchen floor a good clean and it’s all good now. i wonder how long it’ll last.

the lowes registry is lame

the lowes registry is probably one of the worst systems i’ve ever used. first off, lowes does not prominently display the registry as a feature of the web site. in fact, they don’t even list the registry in the site map, which would be the most logical place to put it if you aren’t going to put a link to it on your front page.

why? why would you do this lowes?

i’ll tell you why. lowes is ashamed of their awful, awful regsitry. that’s right. they are ashamed. they are ashamed that it doesn’t work. in making the registry, i’ve been asked to add a shipping address. you would think that after someone buys something from our registry that the system would use the shipping address that i submitted, but, no. no, that would be too obvious. instead, they require you to add the ship to address yourself!

on top of that, every time someone buys something from the registry, it changes the status of number of items purchased from 0 to 2. even if you only bought 1 item. soooooo, if we had registered for 2 items and one person bought one of them, the registry will happily (and incorrently) report that 2 items have, in fact, been purchased and so that item’s requested amount has been fulfilled. dumb? yes. retarded, even? absolutely. who wrote this code?

and i think what probably makes the entire lowes registry system the most retarded thing ever is that when i receive these items, nowhere in the packaging does it say who the gift was from. instead, they have a regular invoice with the dollar amount of the items!

that’s just awful.

awful, i tell you.


champagne and chocolate covered strawberries

after checking into our hotel in hawaii, the hotel coordinator sent us chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. it was quite the treat. i didn’t eat any of the strawberries, but i did eat the chocolate.

christi made these cake toppers for our cake. they are molded out of clay and made to look exactly like our nintendo miis. when i saw them, i was so impressed. it’s crazy how well they turned out, they look exactly like our miis.

our miis decided to come out and play in the strawberries while we enjoyed them.

the wedding – sand ceremony

picture by barbara tanaka

i know, i know, i just got married and am still in married/wedding bliss, so the pictures from the wedding are still gonna be coming. if you’re bored of wedding talk, skip this post. =P

during our ceremony, instead of a unity candle, which had logistical problems because we were on the beach and it can be windy on the beach, we had a sand ceremony. what is a sand ceremony, you ask? it’s where two people take two jars of differently colored sand and combine them into one jar. so, you know, like, a unity candle, is pretty much the same thing as the sand ceremony, just hawaiianized.

i told christi that i was a little reluctant to incorporate too many hawaiian customs or traditions into our wedding because: 1) we aren’t hawaiian and 2) i don’t want to be a poser. =P but the sand ceremony was pretty cool.

nintendo ds lite

i just read an article about how nintendo has won the handheld console market with their nintendo ds. it seems nintendo has really made quite the comeback in recent years with their nintendo ds and wii. after the rather disappointing gamecube and gameboy advance, nintendo has really bounced back strong.

our wii has seen some great usage. wii sports is still the most popular title played and it still is the game that i like the most.

so i finally broke down after years of holding off to go get me a nintendo ds lite. i guess it’s good that i waited a little while. there appears to be some good titles out for the DS, so it’ll now be a matter of finding them all. the problem is that i realized that i ordered the black and crimson one, BUT that one doesn’t officially get released until this friday. so i’ve been eagerly waiting around for it to be released, but alas, it still hasn’t been, so i’m just waiting for it to be released so that i can wait for it to be shipped.

ugh, the agony is killing me.