company holiday party

the company had a halloween potluck last week. i dressed up as a disgruntled employee instead of being the usual happy employee that i usually am. or was it that i told people that i dressed up as a happy employee instead of the usually disgruntled employee? hmmm, tough call. =P

one of my co-workers brought in dry ice to put into apple cider. i asked him if it was food grade dry ice and he looked at me like i was on crack. dude, there is such a thing! and they make it because the normal dry ice isn’t meant to be consumed. right??

3 thoughts on “company holiday party”

  1. it’s funny how we look like idiots when we ask something that the person where asking to doesn’t know about.
    and yes there is such a thing as a food grade dry ice.

  2. i *DID* drink the cider. i didn’t think to ask if it was food grade until after i had a few cups already. i survived, though my stomach has been kind of queasy the last few days. i wonder if this had anything to do with it…

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