battlestar galactica: razor

i went to see the battlestar galactica razor premiere at santana row earlier this week. it was a cold evening and we went to see the 10PM showing. i was sort of expecting there to be mobs of people and the cinearts theatres are pretty small, so i wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to get seated or not.

it turns out that there were plenty of seats available (even though you needed to pre-register for the event and they would check your ID and name at the door to let you in).

instead of a stamp, they had a permanent red marker and they would draw a line on your hand to designate that you were allowed into the theater. i like to think that they choose the fat red marker because it looks like the cylon red eye, but i doubt that that was why it was chosen.

i was also hoping for some kind of giveaway, but alas there was nothing. how cool would it have been to have a poster hung up somewhere in the house when christi came home? it would have been funny.

anyway, i LOVED it. i don’t think that’s just the battlestar galactica withdrawal speaking, either. it’s supposed to air on the scifi network and later be released on DVD soon. if you haven’t seen it and are a fan of the show, definitely check it out.

the best scene in the movie was definitely the homage to the original series. there were some great laugh out loud moments (something that you don’t do much in the series) mixed in with some shocking, jaw dropping moments. drama, comedy, and action…what more could you ask for?