no tv, no gaming

i don’t know what it is, but there’s no tv on these days. it used to be that i would just barely be able to keep up with my tv, but these days, i’m scrounging around to find some tv to watch. it’s a struggle and yes, i know, it’s a hard life i have when the biggest problem i have is that i can’t find tv to watch. =P

i’ve hit a wall with guitar hero, too, which means that i don’t have any games to play, either. i’ve been playing some nintendo ds games, but i think that i’m starting to lose interest in those games. the problem with me and the ds is that i don’t have internet connectivity with it, so i can’t play with other people. i know, i know, that’s the strength of the platform, but i just can’t get myself to reduce my network encryption down to 64-bit wep.

i’ve been so desperate for tv that i watched an episode of brothers and sisters. the show is one that i thought i would like when it first aired, there are many people on the cast that i like, like calista flockhart, rob lowe, emily vancamp (amy on everwood), and ron rifkin (arvin sloane from alias). you’d think that i’d love the show, but i just can’t get into the story. it’s just boring. i don’t know how the show won an emmy or got that many nominations.