how to make hot chocolate

…from a package.

just add hot water, right? that’s what it always says. i was making some hot chocolate just now and i usually add hot water to the powder in the cup. i never questioned this methodology. in fact, this is how i have been doing it for as long as i can remember.

the problem, if you can call it that, is that after drinking the hot chocolate, there will always be a layer of thick cocoa at the bottom of the cup. if the drink had been properly mixed, that sugary goodness would have been in my drink. instead, it lays waste at the bottom of the cup.

i never really thought much about how this could be avoided. it just sort of happens. so today, i decided to read the instructions on the back of the hot chocolate mix and, sure enough, it instructs you to add powder first, then water.

today, being the daring rebel that i am, i added the water first and the powder next. my theory is that this will create a better chance of the powder being fully integrated into the hot water. i just need to finish drinking this cup of cocoa to see if my hypothesis is correct.

this sounds like it should be a 1st grader’s science project.

ok…so i’ve finished my first cup of hot chocolate using the new mixing method and it seems like it worked out better. i can’t come to any conclusions yet because i’m sure a sample size of 1 is not statistically significant, but it sure seems like this is the way to go. the question is, why would the manufacturer want you to do it the other way then?

2 thoughts on “how to make hot chocolate”

  1. One way to find out is to write to the manufacturer and ask for a tour of their testing facilities. It might also be good to ask for some free samples for “scientific research”. 😀 Now I’m going to have to try the water-first approach when I have my hot chocolate tonight.

  2. Cuz people (like me) tend to overfill the water so when the powder goes on top, stirring creates a little sandstorm above the mug and all over the table. I used to pour powder on top until I got tired of trying to press the powder down into the water with my spoon without making a mess, and hoping that the globules burst so I can get maximum water penetration into the powder clumps.

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