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i think that i am generally pretty conservative of the number of photos that i post, but when i went through our photographer’s photos for the wedding, i came up with about 15 pictures that i wanted to post. 15. out of 1500. that can’t be right.

it turns out that i don’t like posting pictures of myself and it being my wedding, it turns out that i’m in a lot of photos! go figure, huh?

but i’ve finally posted the wedding photos. i need to get them into a friendly format for the wedding web page, but for now, they are finally up. i’ve also updated the gallery pages a little. you can use the left and right arrow keys once you’ve clicked on an image to go next/previous.

2 thoughts on “posting pictures”

  1. I liked the format! You did very well! I clicked on the right arrows to navigate between each photo and at the end I was still clicking, like “That’s it?” That’s how you know you did a good job, when you leave your audience wanting more and we don’t scroll and say, “Oh good lord, there’s MORE of the same?”

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