more foster puppies?

we had a foster puppy for about a week or so before a family had adopted her away. in that short time we had really grown attached to the puppy. i was talking to john last night about it and he said the best way to get over the sadness of having a puppy be adopted away and missing her is to foster more puppies.

i wonder if this means that our house is just going to be a gateway of puppies forever. it sounds like we might be helping to rescue some puppies this weekend. it’ll require hours and hours of driving to some place that is just north of bakersfield! bakersfield! sheesh.

cowboys vs. packers

i went to watch the cowboys/packers game with dardy at st. john’s tonight. it was an entertaining game, the packers kept it close, but the cowboys really bested them. it’s too bad that favre got hurt early in the game, dardy left the game saying that it was a bit of an empty loss with some of the packers best guys out for the game.

that being said, aaron rogers did admirably for himself filling in for favre.

i got the beg for mercy cheesesteak and i didn’t think that it was that hot while i was eating it, but now, hours later, let me tell you. my stomach is gurgling and i am BEGGING FOR MERCY. please, please don’t let my stomach hurt anymore. i’m dying!

i’m gonna go curl up in a ball of pain now and moan quietly to myself in pain until it goes away.