beard papa

i had my very first and second beard papa cream puff ever. the beard papa craze has recently arrived to the bay area and it wasn’t until the cupertino location had opened that i finally went and tried one out.

let me tell you, it may be the unpopular opinion, but i thought that these cream puffs were only ok. people have said that beard papa is to cream puffs as krispy kreme is to donuts. i don’t think that this is true. they aren’t the kind of decadent joy that only krispy kreme can bring you. no, in fact, they are only just decent.

i was expecting a heavenly bite of joy, but instead the beard paps cream puffs have a very thin slightly crispy puff and a lighter than expected cream filling. i, daresay, think that i can make a better cream puff. it was just that disappointing.

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  1. I’ve had the beard papa cream puffs in SF, and they weren’t all that great either…. They tasted soggy, flat, and a waste of money… The best cream puff i’ve ever had was from a grocery store on Oahu, where they made them fresh, not injecting the creamy goodness until you order them. =)

  2. I SO AGREE!! I also had a bad customer service experience at Beard Papa. It was at the Hollywood/LA location. They post that they have all these flavors when they only had the one, and when we ordered one of the posted menu flavors, the counter guy asked about the flavor to the guy working next to him, adn the guy next to him said that flavor isn’t available and to just give us the original, and the counter guy proceeded to do that without telling us! (I’m a good evesdropper.) We were like, “HEY, you need to let us know if something’s not available and let us make the choice whether we still want to pay for it!”

  3. You need to get one in Manhattan (I know – easier said
    than done). Their service is excellent but…..the creampuff itself is to die for. It is a thin crispy, flaky puff
    which they fill with chocolate or vanilla custard. I dream of it occasionally. We go to New York three or four times
    a year and set aside time on each visit to go to one
    of the shops. This time we remembered to take a small
    container so we could eat one there and bring two home intact. I’m sorry the ones out there aren’t as good !

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