prepping for the ps3

i know, i know. it seems like all i am talking about these days is the ps3…and i haven’t even gotten it yet! it was supposed to be shipped on saturday to the office, but for whatever reason, they didn’t even make a delivery attempt to the office. because the package was delivered by fedex: home delivery, i won’t get the package until tuesday because fedex: home delivery only runs tuesday-saturday. this was a little tidbit of information i wish i knew before i got all excited that the ps3 was coming today.

ho hum. now the day is going to be spent in disappointment.

4 thoughts on “prepping for the ps3”

  1. I think you will talk about it more when you actually get it. I still do. An amazing machine for the money.

    I saw this today. It’s not cheap at $400 but this appears to be a solution for folks who have analog in on their receivers/SSPs and are not quite ready to part with their beloved but still want to enjoy LPCM lossless audio via HDMI.

    If $400 is too steep (I personally think it is), maybe wait for a Monoprice knock off.

  2. dude. at $400, i think i would just spend the money and buy a new receiver. the next time around, though, i’m gonna go with separates. i have an empty shelf in my media rack. =P

  3. correction…I meant to say “a solution for folks who have an HDMI-less but with analog in on their receivers/SSPs”

    I think it’s generally accepted that going seperates will give you better quality and allow you make use of certain components much longer but it won’t necessarily save you money( ie pick a good amplifier and it can outlive your unborn child). An outstanding multichannel amp from various Mfg’ers can run in the $2K-$3K range and up. SSPs that can decode the latest surround formats start at ~$1500 (only one Mfg’er at this price as of today) and go up from there. So for around $3500, that’s equivalent to several generations of pretty decent Recievers. And the SSP that costed $1500, may not last any longer than the Reciever. But don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying to talk anyone out of going separates. Just trying to make the argument that going seperates is not really about saving money, it’s more about the pursuit of higher quality sound.

  4. New Sony players: Profile 2.0 compliant and if the info from is true you get onboard decoding of lossless tracks and a choice of 5.1 or 7.1 analog out. -If- you become a BR addict and want lossless, you might want of one of these bad boys (or later gen) down the road and make good use of your Outlaw analog ins. Could be a more economical solution than getting a new Receiver/Separates.

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