my ban on little cesar’s pizza lifted and banned again

i broke down. after months and months of banning little cesar’s pizza from my diet, i went and got some yesterday. i swore off little cesar’s because i got pretty sick after that. i’m not sure if it was the pizza or the puppies at the time, but to be on the safe side, i stopped eating there.

it’s not terribly good pizza anyway, so it’s not much of a heartbreak, but still.

but my stomach was certainly paying the price after eating it. i guess the lift on the ban was short lived. i’m banning little cesar’s again!

6 thoughts on “my ban on little cesar’s pizza lifted and banned again”

  1. Reading your post has just reminded me of the time i used to be addicted to a certain fast food restaurant. I was put off when i found hairs in my burger!! I swore i would never eat from there again….a couple of months later, my sister had persuaded me to join her in eating from there. Im soo annoyed at myself. Think i am going to start the ban again though – for good this time!

  2. i haven’t eaten from little cesar’s since this post. it’s only been a couple of week, we’ll see how long it keeps up.

  3. I hate to admit it, but I still like the Crazy Bread. I think it’s because it makes me nostalgic for my high school days when we used to eat there after school.

  4. i actually don’t think that i’ve ever had their crazy bread before. maybe the ban will be lifted to try that out. you can’t go wrong with just bread, can you?

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