playstation 3 firmware update 2.20

i was hopeful that the 2.20 firmware update would fix all of my divx/xvid streaming woes with the addition of more codecs and better support for playing video files in general. and after the firmware update, it’s true, the ps3 does play more files than it used to. but, i am still getting the dreaded streaming error. part of the movie will play and then it’ll crash at the same place over and over. the xbox can play the movies fine, so i’m hoping that eventually when ps3 streaming support is more mature, it’ll work itself out.

in the meantime, this means that the ps3 has been demoted as my media center (which really was the dream) and is now just a blu-ray and rock band player. i hope that sony resolves these issues soon because it’s a shame not being able to use the ps3 as a media center.

i’m currently using mediatomb as my DLNA server on a D-Link DNS-323 NAS.

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