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i usually try to stay with the upgrades of wordpress for the blog. most of the time they are security fixes so it’s a good thing. wordpress 2.5, however, has significant changes in its admin console. these changes have made blogging and managing the blog more difficult for me. it just doesn’t seem as intuitive as it used to be for me.

after my blog software upgrade is complete and it seems to be in working order, i upgrade cindy’s blog next. i’m reluctant to go with the upgrade to cindy’s blog, however, because i’ve found that blogging in the new software is just more difficult and i don’t think that i would want to inflict that upon other users just yet. i think i’ll ride out 2.5 for a while and see if they make more changes to the admin after some user feedback.

since the auto-saving draft feature of wordpress, i don’t think that i’ve seen any other changes to the blog that make it worth the while to upgrade. i guess i should read up on security fixes to see if any security holes have been fixed as a result of this major version upgrade.

my biggest gripe with the new layout is that i have to scroll down to make changes to the category that the blog falls under. forcing the user to scroll to access basic blog functions is a major UI issue in my opinion. there’s just so much wasted real estate at the top of the screen, too. can’t the space be better utilized?

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  1. As much harassment and joking around as I give you, I definitely don’t take all your research and efforts in maintaining the server and blogspaces for granted. I’ll defer to your judgment on the upgrades, but I have to say that I love the autosave features. I used to lose posts all the time. The autosave is only triggered, however, by entry of a title in the post. Sometimes I blog the contents first and then choose an appropriate title after the post develops its own personality, but I risk losing the post in the meantime if my internet burps (and it does a lot).

  2. One thing that I did was to change the default admin color theme to use the old colors. I’m not gelling with having everything in one big column either. I’m sure there’ll be an admin plugin that fixes this in the future.

  3. i’m going to add a timer to your blog editor. you will have 5 minutes to write a blog entry or else it’ll be automatically erased. speed blogging. it’s the wave of the future.

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