beauty and the geek – finally she’s out

whoever casted randi as a beauty in this show was out of their mind. beauty? hardly! when compared to hawaiian tropic models and playboy models, randi doesn’t even compare to the other beauties. in what i consider to be ugly both outside and in, i’m glad that she’s out of the running.

sure, the girl’s got some spunk, but they should have found spunk in someone who truly deserved to be called a beauty. i think it just goes against the namesake of the show! speaking of miscasting parts, whoever decided that it was fair to have greg a gay geek compete in the show was wrong. yes, i know, that it’s probably a twist that they wanted to add, but i think that the traditional role of beauty and the geek were not properly represented. i feel bad for greg for having to be stuck with randi, though. he added some great comedy into the show.

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