prepping for vegas

there’s a big volleyball tournament (well, it used to be enormous, but it seems like it is getting smaller and smaller every year) in vegas this weekend. it’s been tradition to go to the volleyball tournament, play some games, and then have some fun while at vegas.

the funny thing is that i thought the tournament was months away and so there’s been a lot of chatter about where to stay and i was just thinking to myself that these people i’m playing with are crazy. it’s months away, we don’t need to worry! it turns out that it is this weekend and until last week, we had no place to stay while we were there!

that just goes to show you that my memory is still bad as ever.

still, i’m looking forward to vegas. i need to go find my throwaway camera. i wonder where i put that thing…i haven’t seen it in months…i hope i didn’t really throw it away.

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