LenSoClean broke!

i have been using this little thing for the last 6 years. it is basically this device that will clean your contact lenses with ultrasonic vibrations. think of it as a touchless sonicare toothbrush, but for contacts. there are no bristles involved, just the ultrasonic waves rippling in the chamber.

it’s been pretty good to me, but the other day i put my contacts into the LenSoClean chamber and in the morning i found that my contacts were crispy. it turns out that the device broke and the auto-shutoff never shut off. the result? the solution in the chamber evaporated and my contacts got dry.

i had to throw out the pair of contacts and device, but i have been happy with it so i ordered a unit from amazon. it should be coming in a few days and then i’ll be back to my normal clean contact routine.

dns-323 torrent client – transmission

over the weekend, i decided to install a new torrent client on the NAS. apparently there’s a port of transmission for the nas. coupled with clutch, a webUI for the command line client, it looks and feels like the mac os x transmission client. the memory footprint on this client is significantly smaller than that of mlnet, even if you have php+lighttpd running in the background. CPU usage seems considerably higher though with transmission. i’m not sure if the memory/cpu trade-off is going to be worth it, i’ll have to play with it and see.