it’s about time

so let me tell you a little bit about what my life has been like for the past couple of weeks. i wasn’t sure if i really wanted to get the wii fit when the all of the pre-orders were being accepted, but seeing that the wii fit was sold out everywhere and playing the game a little, i had changed my mine. so my life for the last couple of weeks have been filled with stopping by every single game store i pass by, every single target, and every best buy just to check to see if they have the wii fit in stock.

the crazy thing is that the shipments of the wii fit is sporadic and unscheduled. stores get them in stock whenever they get a shipment and they pretty much sell out as soon as they get them in stock. so it’s just a matter of timing and being at the right place at the right time.

i walked into best buy today, after hearing that best buy and target appear to be the two largest distributors of the wii fit. my hopes weren’t high, though, as i had walked into other stores and have had my hopes dashed with the sad news that they did not, in fact, have any in stock. but as i walked in the store, there were two guys ahead of me who were talking about how excited they were to pick up a wii fit. i followed them to the wii section and they each picked up a wii fit. to my delight, i saw that there was one more left and i quickly snatched it up.

as i was turning around, i hear some guy a little ways back exclaim, “oh man!” it appears that i had beat him out to get the last wii fit of the store. if they had any more in stock, i would have bought the store’s stock out. these things are on ebay for nearly double retail value!

but, yes, i finally got a wii fit. happy times, yo.

3 thoughts on “it’s about time”

  1. lol. awesome! i lined up for mine on launch day, otherwise i would have joined in your mad quest of the past few weeks. it’s annoying how nintendo can’t make enough of their products to keep up with demand. i can’t believe 2 years later, wii’s are still hard to find!

  2. i know! i can’t believe how hard it is to find a wii. nowadays they are bundling the wii with games so trying to buy a wii becomes a $400 investment instead of the $250. i guess you do need 4 controllers, though.

    after all of this time, though, i think that my favorite party game is still wii sports. boom blox comes at a close second, though.

  3. hmm… i actually have not tried boom blox. now i ‘m curious. i do like the raving rabbids series though. but i agree wii sports is one of the best games made with the wii technology in mind. next to wii fit, of course. 😉

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