no one in the office

i wasn’t planning on going into the office today. i woke up this morning and felt that i had the start of a dreadful cold that may last the rest of this week and would have to use the remaining sick days i have, but there was some work that i was asked to do when i checked my blackberry so i ended up going into the office.

there is no one else from the company in the office. this is great news because that means that i have half of the entire building all to myself. this, by itself, is no big deal. what is a big deal is that that means that i also have the office’s internet connection all to myself.

this comes in good time because i needed to download the latest CentOS and VMWare server products and i couldn’t think of a better way to download it than at the office. it’s far faster here than at home. the office only has 2 T1’s, so i’m sure that people with fiber or cable are scoffing at the speed increase that i appreciate, but i’m on a slow DSL line at home, so anything that i can take, i will.

so here i am purring away at close to 400kB/s. looks like it’s still going to be a couple of hours before centos is done downloading. i guess i’ll go to lunch.

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