a couple of toys

after hearing about the company shutting down, it put a hold on a lot of purchases that i have been considering for a long time now. these are purchases that i probably would have made if the company wasn’t going to shut down, but now that i’ve secured a new job, have a severance package, and am set, it’s time to splurge just a little.

the first thing that has been on my mind for a long time has been a projector. yes, a projector, a screen, and all of the joy that comes with it will be fantastic, but the big question is how big should i go? ah, that question has been tormenting for me a long time now. originally, i was thinking about going the 720p route. the projectors are all pretty inexpensively priced and it just seems like a fantastic idea. after thinking long and hard about it, i think that this is going to be one of the first times that i splurge and get something outside of the normal value purchases that i usually make. i’m gonna go big with a 1080p projector.

originally, i wanted something like a 100″+ screen, but i have decided that for the distance that i am working with, that’s probably bigger than i can really handle. i’ve narrowed it down to an 84″ screen. still big, but not a monstrosity.

yeah, i think i’m going to take the plunge and get the new iphone. it sounds like christi can get a pretty decent discount on it, so as soon as it is available, i’m going to take the plunge. some friends of mine just got it and they had to wait in line for 3 hours at the valley fair apple location. people are STILL waiting that long to get their iphone?? nuts. i’m going to wait a few more weeks.

adam has told me that he’s looking into developing for the iphone. it seems like that’s a hot place to be right now for a niche market, but you need a mac to develop for the iphone and i just don’t have me one of those!

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