on this, the last day of employment

today is the last day that i will be employed at my company. the company is shutting down its doors, liquidating its assets (i mean everything!) and disappearing for good. it is time, as they say, for the fat lady to sing.

this will be the first company that i leave where i leave not quite so much on my own terms. every company prior to this company i left because i had tendered my resignation. i left because i couldn’t stand the management, couldn’t stand the people, or couldn’t stand working there anymore. maybe it was that i didn’t believe in the product, maybe it was because i couldn’t stay working there, maybe it was just too far.

whatever the case may be, this is the first time where i haven’t quit. it’s the first time that i will be receiving a severance package (cool!) and it is the first time where a bunch of us are leaving on the same day.

i’m left with some mixed emotions. i’m sad because i really enjoyed the technology that i got to work on while here. i’m sad because i genuinely enjoyed working with the people that i worked with while here. and most of all, i just enjoyed going to work every day. towards the end, things started to feel a little tense. some people felt that we weren’t working quite as hard as we could have, but what motivation do we really have? maybe we weren’t quite as responsive as we could have, but the tone in some of the conversations that were taking place was completely unnecessary and frankly were quite upsetting. but at the end of the day, here we are, closing the doors.

but there are some things that i’m happy about. i’m glad and thankful that i have been able to secure employment elsewhere and that i don’t have to worry about money, making mortgage payments, and the like. i am happy that i am getting a severance package. fantastic. i am happy that i was given the opportunity to work here, to manage a great team, and develop some cool stuff. i’ve had some great experiences here and i will always take those with me.

it’s been a great ride. it’s time to move on to better things!

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  1. Great post… really touching. I hope you get to work with some super people at your new job. Best wishes to you!

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