samsung DLP TV lamp replacement

the lamp on my DLP tv has been running kind of dim lately. now, i will be the first to admit that i run my DLP tv in torch mode. i know that some may cringe at what i’m about to say, but brighter is better. my tv is especially high, so the viewing angle isn’t ideal. as such, to compensate, i’ve tilted the tv slightly down, but the extra brightness combats the unfortunate viewing angle.

following the instructions found online on how to change a samsung dlp lamp, i was able to quickly replace the lamp of the tv and get it up and running.

the swap was pretty easy and i was done in no time. now i’ve got a new lamp installed in the tv and it’s as good as new. actually, i’m running in a little less than torch mode now and it is still brighter than before.

now i just have to wait for the projector to come to complete the home theatre experience.

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  1. my take is that there is nothing wrong with bright as long as color accuracy and greyscale are not compromised to the extent that the image is unwatchable. for tv viewing, this is very hard to determine what the best settings are as there is no “calibration tv program” (at least that I know of) that you can adjust your setttings to (unlike DVD or Blu Ray). so with that said, even I just set the settings by eye and my picture settings are bit high to combat the ambient light in our loft.

    if RPTV DLP bulbs are anything like DLP PJ bulbs, I think your new bulb should be super bright for the first 100 hrs +/- and then dim 20% after the first 100 hrs and gradually dim. hence, they recommend calibration after first 100hrs of new bulb.

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