ps3 and saving multiple settings

the problem with using the ps3 as my blu-ray player, though i suspect that this particular problem is not specific to just the ps3, is that i am currently splitting the signal between two displays. one display is my older samsung DLP tv. it’s a 720p/1080i capable tv player. the newer player is the projector, a 1080p/24 capable projector.

the problem is when i set the ps3 to the optimal settings for my projector (1080p/24) and then i turn everything off, come back to it the next day and want to watch something on my DLP tv, the signal is not supported by the tv because it can only do 1080i. this means that every time i switch between the projector and the tv, i need to change the settings on the ps3. what an incredible pain in the butt.

now, if only there could be some kind of way to automatically get this to all work, my life would be vastly simplified.

One thought on “ps3 and saving multiple settings”

  1. if the switching bothers you a lot, you could try to set your PS3 to 1080i/60 and let your epson do the deinterlacing. this is not as ideal as the “direct” 1080p/24 setting but maybe the epson deinterlacer is good enough. you might toggle between both settings to see if you can tell the difference.

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