google, you do it right

i’m blogging from the kripsy kreme in mountain view getting wifi courtesy of googlewifi. google, you sure know where to put your wifi hotspots. krispy kreme gets great coverage and i thank you for that. it’s too bad that krispy kreme is more accommodating to wireless users. i guess i’ll just have to see how long my batteries will last me.

it is freezing here in krispy kreme. freezing, i tell you. so this is the second time that i’ve been to krispy kreme and i was not offered a free sample. what’s up with that?

i’m doing some work now, waiting for a database to crank out some results. i don’t know how muc longer i will be able to stick it out here, it’s too cold to be comfortable. i wonder if that is a strategy for krispy kreme. the one thing that i find rather disturbing is that half the tables here are dirty. you’d think that they would spend a little more time with upkeep around here.

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