ps3 and twonky on d-link dns-323

i bit the bullet and purchased a license for the twonky server on the d-link dns-323 nas. i’ve tried other solutions, but none were as reliable as the twonky server, i’m sad to say. it really upsets me that there isn’t a good open source solution, but i guess we’re talking about a pretty limited platform, so i shouldn’t really be complaining.

full video streaming works just fine on the ps3 with the twonky server, i’m happy to report. i did have some issues getting it to work with the twonky server version 4.4.6, so i downgraded to 4.4.5 and all seems to be working well. not sure exactly what is going on there…

so right now, to make the ps3 truly perfect, these are the things that i wish it had:

  • samba support (!! this seems like it’d be an easy thing to add, what is the deal here?)
  • mkv support. i want my hi-def downloaded tv shows to play on the ps3 natively!
  • tv tuner support (i would be willing to pay a fair amount for a very good solution here)
  • DVR support with tv tuning

    i think that’s about it.

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    1. Hi There

      I also have the PS3, and wish to use the DNS-323. After all your different trials – would you still recommend going the Twonky route on the DNS?

    2. no, i am currently using fonz’s fun_plug 0.5 and mediatomb that is packaged for it and it is working great for me. if you want a free solution, this one works great.

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