buying from ebay…

ebay does have all sorts of good deals on things that you cannot get cheaper elsewhere, but i’ve always been a little nervous about buying things on ebay. i use it as a last resort. i guess i have a general mistrust of people on the internet, you never know what you’re going to get! still, i try to buy from reputable sellers and so far every ebay transaction i have ever had has gone by quite well.

so i ordered two replacement dell power supplies for the ones that koda (bad dog!) chewed up. they still haven’t arrived, but they are coming from hong kong i think so i figure it will take a week or so to come. it’s been around a week, though, so hopefully they will come any day now.

i’ve been trying to purchase the transformers blu-ray disc on ebay as well. my firm rule is that i will not buy any blu-ray discs over $15. so far i’ve lost every auction i’ve tried to win because people are willing to pay more than $15 for the movie. i think i’ve lost 8 auctions so far. =P

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